Channel Letter Signs


Channel Letters: 3D Light Up Signs

  • Bold, individual letter signs.
  • Lit by energy-efficient LED or traditional neon.
  • Used for retail locations, restaurants, office buildings, banks, and more.
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Channel Letter Signs Manufactured In-House with Precision

KC Sign & Awnings manufactures all of our channel letters in-house using computerized, state-of the-art equipment, not imprecise hand tools. We use a CNC router to cut the letters and an Accubend channel letter machine to bend them. Our high-quality construction practices ensure water can't get inside to damage the lighting and that your sign will last for years.

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Types of Custom Channel Letters Available

We use energy-efficient LED lighting or traditional neon. If you have neon channel letters and want to upgrade to brighter, clearer LED, we offer retrofitting.

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Start Your Channel Letter Sign Project with KC Sign & Awnings
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Custom Channel Letter Signs

KC Sign & Awnings works closely with experienced designers to create custom signs for businesses and organizations like yours. We were one of the first sign companies to use energy-efficient LED modules for illumination in our letters. We'll take care of permit acquisition so you don't have to worry about it.

We provide local service and also handle national accounts. We can assure you that our final products are at the highest quality every time, and your sign project manager will be there every step of the way to guide you through the process.

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